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Download and Install Examview software to post quizzes

Hình của Phoenix Hoang
Download and Install Examview software to post quizzes
Bởi Phoenix Hoang - Thứ sáu, 9 Tháng mười 2015, 10:55 PM

ExamView Test Generator helps educators build comprehensive tests. It allows teachers to streamline assessment from start to finish. Using the QuickTest Wizard, a new test can be created in a matter of seconds. Simply select the question banks to use and the number of questions on the test and the ExamView Test Builder does the rest! Customize test questions, select questions from different formats including Multiple Response, Bimodal, and Dynamic. 

The question banks and test items in ExamView are prepared by leading textbook publishers and are available for Windows, Mac, iOS... This program can be used to create tests that more closely resemble state tests

Simple steps to download and use ExamView:
  1. Click here to here to download: EXAMVIEW
  2. At the following prompt click Run


  3. If you get this message just click Run again


  4. shortcut icon will be placed on your desktop


  5. Double click the short cut to open the program

  6. Now follow the instructions from our screencast tutorials
  • Or you can also download this software from Mediafire Link: Examview 6.2.1
  • If you should need any request or support, post here.